Nightly Standard III




Saturday night and another Nightly Standard show. This one was particularly special, however, as it was marked the occasion of NS’s first CD release: an EP of five of their original tunes (all penned by the band’s founder and lead guitarist, Seth Dubin). The concert, at Lawrenceville’s Thunderbird Cafe, was a tightly-packed success and a tribute to the band’s growing popularity in Pittsburgh. If you’ve never heard Nightly Standard, their seven-piece sound is a heavy blend of soul, rock, and pop (and, don’t say this to their faces, ska). Their usual dynamism was on display on Saturday, and the band had their best showing yet of which I’ve been a part. Laura Fredrickson was in top form, and it’s her raw vocal power that gives the band its identity; a Ginger to their Fred that adds some grit to the polished horn licks backing her up. If you want to hear for yourself, you can grab a copy of their new cd here:

The music is also available on iTunes and Amazon, so check it out! I’m sure I speak for many when I say I look forward to the band’s next offering. I daresay Seth’s impending fatherhood may put a bit of a cap on his songwriting time, but surely an LP, if it comes, will be worth the wait.


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