My Blog has a New Home!

Hello to all of my followers. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here because I’ve moved my website and blog to a new website, If you’ve enjoyed my posts here, then please continue to follow my work at the new site. Thank you for all of your comments and “likes” over the years!

Daylight Savings



The Cloisters

I’m completely at peace with the fact that NYC is not exactly my kind of town. Then again, in a city the size of New York, there has to be something for everyone, right? I found one of my somethings yesterday at The Cloisters, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Medieval and Renaissance showpiece. It’s located all the way in uptown Manhattan, past 190th street, and you’d truly never know you were in the same city you left above ground at 34th or 59th. 



The Cloisters is an impressive collection of not just medieval art, but also architecture. The very buildings that house the treasures are themselves completely or partially Middle Age buildings from Europe brought over brick by brick. It’s really quite an impressive feat. The current exhibition features stained glass from Canterbury Cathedral(!) which is on loan while the cathedral itself undergoes some maintenance. It’s the first time the glass has been removed since the late twelfth century. New York isn’t so bad after all. 




Fifty Degrees

Choc O Pain

When I was in Jersey City this weekend to visit Katie, we went to the Choc O Pain bakery on Jersey Avenue. This is the kind of place I’d spend a lot of time in if I lived near it. It had that delightful balance of cozy and bustling without being cramped and loud. The food was delicious, reminding me of so many lunches I had when studying in Vienna. (I’ve never understood why butter is not a more common sandwich condiment in the US.) Check it out if you’re in town!





It’s been impossible to find time to get the camera out recently between a very busy semester, yet another cold, and more bad weather. But the creepy basement of the church where I’m the organist is always good for an intriguing image or two, so I took the camera down there this morning while I waited for the roads to clear.

And a couple from last weekend.



Staying In





More Geometry